Tabletop tactics redefined.

    In Table Trenches, your table transforms into the battlefield! Capture towers, deploy units, and fight to the last in this real-time tactics game, designed for AR. The 4 commanders each have their own unique units and tactics – smash the enemy with Logan’s mighty walkers, or melt their towers to the ground with Mei’s devastating flame tank. The player with the most towers left standing will win the day!

    Table Trenches

    Transform your table into a battlefield using the power of AR!

    Using your device’s camera, scan your table, couch, or floor and create a unique battlefield.

    Key Features

    Real Time Strategy with strategic pacing

    Battle against your friends in local multiplayer

    Battle against 3 different AI tiers in 1v1 showdowns

    12 unique units, each with their own unique abilities


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