Solarpunk City Builder, in AR. Get cozy!

    Build the modern metropolis of your dreams, right in your living room! Using hex-based building pieces, quickly and easily snap together massive vertical skyscrapers anywhere you please. Creativity is key, so no need to worry about managing resources or messing with angry citizens – just build, build, build! With tons of unique buildings to choose from, and a range of dynamic systems that add to your city as you grow it, you can set up an amazing city and then watch it come to life in a short play session that can fit in literally anywhere. Winner of the Moonshot award at Lensfest 2023!

    Table Towers

    Take a quick peek at our room-scale city builder on Snapchat!

    A pocket sized city-builder that lets you build a sprawling metropolis anywhere you are!

    Key Features

    Over 20 unique buildings populated with sprite citizens

    Challenge system to unlock additional structures

    Dynamic world elements that grow with the city (clouds, drones, etc)

    Generative train tracks connect towers with transit hubs


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