AR Multiplayer Card Game. With Guns.

    Partnering with Lionsgate, we designed a first of it’s kind AR card game for Snapchat, allowing players to battle it out in fast paced duals with cards from the latest John Wick film. Taking place fully in AR, players set up their playspace, and then bid for packs of cards to use, before playing them in a dual format. Weapon cards grant offensive power, shifting the battlefield in the blink of an eye, while hero cards build up your team to withstand another round. First to slip loses, but everyone wins at the end, with a discount code for merch from the film!


    Hear from the team directly about how we built this groundbreaking AR title!

    Features 12 cards based on classic John Wick heroes and weapons!

    Key Features

    Set the Table

    Bid for Your Cards

    Commence the Battle

    To the Victor, Rewards


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