Next Generation AR Gaming. On Snapchat.

    In Operation Living Room, transform your space into a battlefield right before your eyes! Using the power of AR, spawn a dynamic game map and battle it out with a friend or the AI and fight to keep all your towers standing. Built in partnership with Snapchat’s Ghost Innovation Lab, Operation Living Room pushes the bounds of the Lens platform to take full advantage of the latest in AR technologies, making it one of the most seamless AR experiences to date.


    Wage epic battles in your living room using next-gen AR technology!

    Scan your room, deploy your troops, and battle to the end!

    Key Features

    Local 1v1 multiplayer or VS AI modes

    Scan your space and watch it transform into a map

    Supports iOS only (6S+)

    Play instantly on Snapchat, for free!


    Play Operation Living Room!