Who left the portals open again? Dang slimes are all over!

    Monsters are on the loose in this fun yet challenging AR archery game for Snapchat! Place your treasure chest full of loot and then watch as portals appear in the walls and floor, letting in a horde of goofy monsters hell-bent on stealing your loot. Time your shots carefully, and aim well – you’ll quickly be overrun if you don’t manage to keep those monsters at bay!

    Jasper’s Archery Challenge

    Meet the makers of this zany AR game, and learn how it was made!

    Designed in the style of an endless runner – play as long as you can survive, and buy more lives if needed to keep your streak!

    Key Features

    An intuitive bow that feels great to use

    Destructible enemies with appendages that can be pinned to walls

    Increasingly challenging waves of enemies

    A fun archery face filter is included, for taking themed selfies


    Click or scan to play the game on Snapchat!