A game where your tongue is the controller…

    Sushi Snag is a Snapchat Lens that brings players into a world of all-you-can-eat sushi armed only with their tongue! In this goofy and fun title, endless sushi rolls slide by, of all different sorts. Many are harmless (and delicious!) but watch out for a few dangerous rolls – spicy, stinky, and more! Eat as much sushi as you can before time is up – high scores to those who can carefully discern the correct rolls and accurately aim their (real!) tongue to gobble up the most rolls! Our most popular game to date, it’s seen over 400 million plays on Snapchat already!


    Learn the secrets of how we developed our most popular Lens ever!

    Over 400 million plays on Snapchat can’t be wrong – Sushi Snag is a hit!

    Key Features

    13 pieces of unique sushi to eat!

    8 purchasable hats to customize yourself!

    1 mischievous sushi chef, named Sashimi!

    Infinite opportunities to eat all the sushi you can, calorie free!


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