Experience the simple pleasure
    of reading a good book

    Chimera Reader is an eBook reader designed from the ground up for virtual reality. With Chimera Reader, you can read your favorite books in a private, comfortable setting. Get lost in your favorite novel while relaxing in a beautiful 19th century study, or crack open a textbook while seated in a cozy college library. Chimera Reader gives you the ability to truly get away and experience the best part of reading – getting lost in a book. Avoid the distractions of the everyday, and crack open a great book!


    Enjoy the comfort of a good book in the peaceful tranquility of a private library

    View of a modern bedroom. Grey and white tones throughout with two bookcases filled with books against the far wall. A large TV and sound system sits unused.

    Key Features

    Beautiful environments that make you feel like you’re really there

    Support for .epub format books

    Calming background music to help you truly get away

    Supports many bluetooth controllers for additional ways to read