Admiral Wars

    Breathing new life into strategy.

    Admiral Wars is a VR game for players looking for a brand-new tactical experience that is easy to pick up but difficult to master. Anyone can learn to sail the waves, but it takes an experienced Admiral to conquer them. The game includes a VS AI mode, and a 1v1 multiplayer mode!


    Become the captain of a mighty naval fleet and use your holodeck to send ships, submarines, and aircraft into battle!

    Admiral Wars is a brand new take on the strategy gaming genre, putting you at the center of that action on the bridge of your carrier

    Key Features

    Arcade Action, Tactics Mindset: Directly draw the paths of units onto the holomap

    Build the Fleet: Deploy a variety of massive ships and aircraft in your ideal fleet

    Multiplayer Mayhem: Battle the AI or your friends with full 1v1 versus battles

    Accessible VR for All: No artificial locomotion – supports seated or standing play


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